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Enrichment Classes of Carrollton

Enrichment Classes of Carrollton is a organization in which Christian homeschool families come together in a cooperative learning environment to supplement their home schooling experience. ECC offers a diversity of enrichment and academic classes for Infants through High School at a low cost, providing fun and fellowship for all involved. Classes run in two ten week segments, one in the fall and another in the winter/spring. 


Christian homeschool families who want a cooperative learning environment to supplement their home schooling experience.


Friday enrichment classes offering a variety of fun and academic classes for infant through high school.


200 Fitness CT. Coppell Texas


Fall semester beginning early September and runs for 10 weeks

Winter/Spring semester beginning mid-January and runs for 10 weeks


To offer a diversity of classes at a low cost and provide fellowship and fun for all involved


Enrichment Classes of Carrollton (ECC) is a non-profit entity

Mission Statement:  The purpose of ECC is to provide a ministry, of which every participant is an agent of that ministry.  Within this ministry, God has previously selected ways in which we can serve our brethren.  The heart behind every participant should be a desire to give of our gifts and talents to our brethren, and in so doing, will receive in return.  Those who join this ministry solely to be fed will go away hungry, but those who are here to feed will be filled to overflowing!  We anxiously await the future nourishment that God will provide for all of us at ECC. 

Fridays begin with a morning opening ceremony at 8:40 a.m.  Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, praise songs, scripture readings and announcements are all included in this 20-minute time of fellowship and preparation for the day.


Five one-hour class periods are offered with a 45-minute lunch break between the third and fourth periods.  The day concludes at 2:45 p.m. when participants in ECC clean the building.  Participants must enroll in a minimum of three classes.  We encourage participation for all 5 periods.


At the conclusion of each semester the students will have the opportunity to perform or exhibit that semesters efforts.

Classes:  Classes are parent taught.  With the rich pool of talent found among our home schooling parents, enrichment classes around the country have been tremendously successful.  The key ingredient is cooperation.  At least one parent per family must be involved during the hours his/her children are in class.  It is imperative to understand that once you have committed to participate, others will be counting on you.  Therefore, we ask that you only an submit an application if you are serious about your commitments and will stick by them.

Parental InvolvementA parent must teach, co-teach, set-up, clean or have administrative duties during the hours of his/her children's involvement.  Parents of infants/toddlers must teach or assist in the infant/toddleer class a minimum of 1 hour per child in these age groups.

Note:  References are required for all new ECC participants.
Cost:  Costs consist of a $50 family registration fee per semester plus any supply/material fees per class taken.  The $50 fee must accompany the "Re-registration" application.  The application link is below.  Your $50 registration fee is non-refundable and will be deposited upon receipt.

If you are wishing to be included on the waiting list to become a part of ECC, please print out the form at the link below, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form.  You will be contacted when a place becomes available.


Information For New & Potential Members|Application For Membership
Background Check (Please complete a Background Check for each parent.)


Take good hold of instruction

and don't let her go,
guard her for she is your life.
                                                                                            Proverbs 4:13

***Not all events listed on the website are endorsed by the  ECC Board.***

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